Essential Somatic Educator in Level 4 Training

I completed level 4 of Essential Somatics Education on Friday.  I am looking forward to sharing many great releases for hips, knees and feet in upcoming classes.  I also learnt many great tools to assist you in one on one clinical sessions to find more enjoyment in movement with less pain and more mobility. Feel free to contact me for a one on one clinical session. 

"More Thoughts on Posture" by Colm McDonnell

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I am currently studying a 3 year course in Clinical Hanna Somatic Education.   If you would like to know more about how pandiculations could benefit you or if you would like to have a lesson please contact me, .

Let's talk Fascia...

The Fascial system is an integrated network of connective tissue (fascia) that wraps around every muscle fibre.  It is the substance that gives your body structure and integrity – without it, you would be a pile of bones and muscles on the floor.

Approximately two thirds of the volume of fascial tissues is made up of water.  Similar to a sponge in a bowl of water, fascia can only absorb a certain amount of water until it is squeezed to remove old water and then allow it to be filled with new fluid.  Applying pressure with balls, foam rollers and micro-movement allows the fascial tissues to be rehydrated.

Fascia is like an endless web or stocking throughout our body, when one part is stuck, it can pull the rest of the tissue.  For this reason, when the fascia of the feet is released, the calves, hamstrings, back and base of the skull can all receive benefit.