Fluent Moves classes are a collaboration of work from Essential Somatics, Fascial Fitness, Mary Bond and Blandine Callaise-Germain.  The classes were designed to allow people of any ability to find more comfort in their body in their daily life.  With emphasis on body awareness and smooth movement, Fluent Moves practices thoughtful and reflexive movements to promote both physical and mental well-being.

Andrea Randall - Side Bend Pandiculation.

Andrea Randall - Side Bend Pandiculation.


Andrea Randall, Founder and Instructor

Andrea Randall is a Structural Integration Therapist, Musculoskeletal Therapist, Essential Somatics Educator in Level 4 Training and Fascial Fitness Trainer.   Andrea has trained with Mary Bond, specialising in working with feet and Blandine Callaise-Germain, specialising in working with the rib cage.

Andrea’s understanding of how the fascial and nervous systems work in movement allows her to help you identify patterns of movement that are restricting you and guide you to create fluent moves.